We MUST open our eyes to a world that needs help.   Individuals and entire communities who seem almost forgotten.  However, are well known and greatly loved by the One who can use YOU  to transcend language and cultural barriers, to bring hope and spiritual awakening to those who desperately need your love.  One trip will change your life!  That is what happened to the Jabez Intl. founder in 1999 after living in a life of ministry, thinking he knew about missions, God opened his eyes for a hurting world.  That year Jabez International began to offer that same experience for as many as will participate.

Nearly 2/3’s of the world’s population — more than 4 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day.  One billion children worldwide are living in poverty.  Over a million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat and will go to bed hungry.  More than 750 million people lack adequate access to clean drinking water and close to one million people will die this year because of drinking polluted water and having poor sanitation.  Lack of proper construction options, medical care and lack of ministry.   REAL PEOPLE – REAL NEEDS.

Short term mission trips should not be site-seeing tours of the poor and of poverty; neither think that your one trip will make things automatically better.  Nor is Jabez Intl. an “adventure tour-guide”.  Rather it is a vehicle to offer opportunities to stretch you out of your comfort circle and allow you to offer something of value to someone who desperately needs it.  A transferable talent, a timely word of hope and a hug for a hurting sole.  Mission trips are also not just to help alleviate poverty, but as in the genesis of Jabez Intl., life transforming moments for the many people that go each year on our carefully designed trips.  YOU will never be the same.


Matthew 10:42 And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is My disciple, truly I tell you, he will never lose his reward."