Participants may build homes for the poor, love on orphans, feed the hungry, clothe and educate school children, offer staff vocational training, provide medical and dental care to those who have no access, help present a professional Circus with a Christ-centered meaning; and empower churches through evangelistic crusades, sports clinics, festivals and music concerts .   We arrange food, lodging, and logistics so your team will be effective from day one. Each night we offer a worship/devotional times to provide your teams the opportunity to come together and reflect on what they have experienced during the day.


After initially meeting with our staff, we will build an individualized trip for your team while collaborating with your team leaders. We handle all details to solidify your trip. We will book your flights, hotels, venues transportation, etc. We will connect your group to the local ministries in the visited country/region. We also take care of finding translators for your team.  Our staff is able to provide trainings for your group prior to departure, including building your ministry structure (drama, music, etc.) for the trip and also develop a debriefing experience for your team after the trip.